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Pankaj is an excellent teacher and his yoga method is very effective. I had the pleasure of doing three weeks of daily training with Pankaj and the results were truly remarkable: increased muscle strenght, tone and flexibility. And even more importantly, after class I always felt deeply relaxed and peaceful. Pankaj is not only an outstanding teacher but also a wonderful and inspirational person. I much enjoyed the conversations we always had before class.

Christine Belanger

I did my teacher training with guruji in 2012 in Bhagsu dharamasala. Before I met guruji I had tried many different teachers during my travels in india. But he is the best one I could find. I love his yoga classes and his technique really improved my body in short time. The teacher training course gave me good knowledge and insight in the philospohy behind the yoga practice. As a teacher guruji was very motivating and knowledgeable, especially about the physical condition of the body and how one can work with ones limitations in the best way. I feel I did learn a lot from him and after the TTC I feel secure in teaching others. Guruji always supports me and I can always ask him questions about my yoga practice if I feel insecure...Regards Benita

Benita Sjoestroem Waleij

I am glad to say that I took lessons with you. I learned a lot from you. Mister Pankaj Seth taught my Pranayama, Asanas and Yoga-Philosophy. I follow his way teaching in Germany, Berlin. His way of teaching is brilliant, intimate and informative. I am proud to say that I met him and that I can give my students the same knowledge which I got from him in India. Moreover he is a wonderful and inspiring person. I wish him all the best and hope that he someday will find a way to visit my Yoga Studio in Berlin. All the best Maria

Maria Koimtzoglou

Pankaj is one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had. His classes are so challenging and fun at the same time as he brings a joyful humor to every class. He always gives me the confidence to push myself. I can't wait to study with him again. I wish he lived in London!

Marcia Vidal

After trying lots of different yoga teachers in McLeod Ganj I was fortunate enough to stumble into Pankaj’s class. I’m so glad I did. Pankaj had a deep understanding of how the body and mind work together. He pays close attention to posture and alignment and makes helpful suggestions that have changed the way I do yoga. After a few classes I began to feel a real change in my postures. Pankaj’s classes flow beautifully and I always left feelings worlds lighter and more clear, in body and mind. I have taken much of what I learned from Pankaj back to home with me. I look forward to my next visit to India and taking more classes with him. He is mindful and knowledgeable and a pleasure to learn from.

Rachel Sontag

Pankaj is an inspired yoga teacher. He works in a sensitive and methodical manner with each student, carefully assessing their needs and helping them to develop their individual practice. Pankajs is always friendly and professional. I learnt so much from him and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for this.

Asher Raynolds

While I was in India I took many yoga classes, found a new appreciation for the practice and learned so much. One place in particular stuck in my mind. While in Dharamsala I took many classes from Pankaj at Yoga World. He was truly an excellent instructor. Really gave a lot of attention to each one of his students, helped correct our poses and taught us a lot about the whole practice. Each class went by so quickly and I couldn't wait to go to the next. It was easy to show up because Pankaj really made a welcoming environment, and pushed us to our potential. I learned a lot from his classes and hope that when I return I can practice with him again!

Katie Rosie

I had the pleasure of completing my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainer with Hatha Yoga World in their Rishikesh location. As this was my 2nd YTT, I had my standards set high to ensure I received the attention that I needed to feel confident in my teaching abilities. Hatha Yoga World offered a beautiful space to help me grow into a competent teacher. They gave each student hands on assistance while teaching the correct alignment and sequences. The thing I really enjoyed was that we had a different teacher for each subject (Anatomy, Philosophy and two extremely accomplished Yoga Teachers). Each person came with their speciality and gave us valuable knowledge with passion. The yoga style was something that transformed each one of us in the course and afterwards we had a very comfortable room to reflect and rest in. I felt like I was "Home away from home" and was guided and supported throughout my course.

I would definitely recommend Hatha Yoga World to anyone looking for a true transformation.

Monique Williams

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